A sea-filled excursion full of colors and authenticity on a very unique Ionian island... A cosmopolitan hideaway with 30 stunning beaches...!!! Meganisi!!! Meganisi, also known as Megalonisi or Makronisi, is an island located between Lefkada and Aitoloakarnania. It belongs to the island complex "Teleboinisia" with 1041 permanent residents. During the Bronze Age, it was a center of the pirate tribe of Teleboans. During the period of the Greco-Italian War, the submarine "Papanikolis" had its secret base in an underwater cave in Meganisi. After our arrival at Vathy, we started our excursion from the western side of the island, with the truly beautiful beaches and unique colors capturing our attention! Our first stop was naturally at the lake and the turquoise beach of Agios Ioannis, as well as the small monastery located there! According to tradition, the monastery was founded before 1477 and was destroyed by pirates who threw the icon of Agios Ioannis into the sea, only to be recovered by a fisherman with his nets. From there, a beautiful Off Road (Basic) route awaited us, running along the coast towards our destination.

The Head" at the southern tip of the island!!!

A short but truly unique route with breathtaking views towards the western and eastern sides of the island, highly recommended without reservation!!! The route reaches a dead end, but it's definitely worth the effort!!! Unfortunately, just before the end of the route, we encountered a landslide and due to lack of time, we didn't attempt to clear it. With great care (due to the cliff), the road can be opened with the help of a worker!!! So we turned back towards Spartochori.

At an altitude of 79 meters and with 383 permanent residents, Spartochori is considered the "capital" of the island, followed by Katomeri with 410 permanent residents. In Spartochori, there is also the "Cyclops' Cave". According to tradition, the famous Cyclops Polyphemus lived on Meganisi and was blinded by the resourceful Odysseus. Unfortunately, another "misfortune" awaited us on the island... A mechanical failure prevented us from visiting the eastern tip of the island and the cape of Atherinos. It's worth noting that we are familiar with the area, as it is part of our activities, but here we are describing the specific expedition on the island that is part of the "This Is My Country 4x4" Project. So, we must be completely honest!!! Without the help of the locals, we would still be stuck there!!!

No local authorities showed any interest whatsoever. Roadside assistance on the island doesn't exist and doesn't come from the nearby island of Lefkada. The Municipality and the Police showed absolute indifference. So clearly, if someone decides to venture to the island, they should keep in mind what we mentioned above..!!! A mechanical breakdown there entails a great deal of inconvenience..!!! On the other hand, it was an excursion that gifted us with one of the most beautiful routes along the sea that we have ever taken, as well as our interaction with the locals who became our friends and showed us once again that Greek Hospitality and the Philotimo of our people is unparalleled anywhere else in the world..!!!