10 things you should have with you before an off road trip

06 October, 2022
06 October, 2022

You start a trip to the mountains with your 4x4 jeep and comes the moment you look at your trunk and think... What should I take with me? What will I need? Below we have listed 10+1 things that we found useful and protected us in the mountains and nature and now they are always in our jeep before we start an excursion!


Before we start our excursion, we inform a relative or friend about the areas we are going to move.

1) Updated Pharmacy

2) Water - Food - Phone Charger

3) 2nd Set of Clothes + Waterproof

4) Overshoes - Gloves

5) Updated Toolbox

6) 20lt Gasoline Tank

7) Straps - Marine Wrench Type D ( 2 Straps Large - 2 Small - 2 Wrench D )

8) Tire Up

9) Automotive Fluids ( Oil - Brake Fluids - Coolant Fluids )

10)- Rasso (Keeps Temperature Inside the Vehicle Cabin In Case of a Forced Overnight Inside the Vehicle - Necessary Attention to Placement)

  • Excursions to the mountains are always nicer when you do them with company, for safety reasons in case of emergency but also because the beauty is doubled when shared!