Convert Hi-Lift jack to Manual Worker (Winch)

30 May, 2022
30 May, 2022

Equipped 4x4 off-road vehicles, mud, adventure, adrenaline, excitement, satisfaction. All these elements compose a winter walk in the mountains. Usually, these excursions are difficult and demanding, with a high probability that our vehicle will "get stuck" at any time, due to the slippery terrain and require the use of a winch to overcome the point and continue our ride. . But what if our winch sticks or breaks our rope? As you will see below there is a way using a Hi-Lift jack to overcome this difficult situation! Just follow the steps below carefully:


Throughout the attempt to free our vehicle, there is a risk of belt or equipment failure. Removes your escorts at a safe distance. Serious risk of injury.

a) Fully extend our High-lift jack.

b) Place our Hi-Lift jack in a horizontal position, in relation to the ground, between the vehicle and at a fixed point. Its upper part looks at the fixed point (eg tree, rock, etc.). us and the bottom of it looking at our vehicle.

c) Attach a strap to the top of our Hi-Lift jack and lock with a heavy-duty hook. (Tighten to the end and make an inverted rotation.)

d) Pass another belt from the fixed point (circle the fixed point) and connect, with a heavy-duty hook, the two ends of this belt with one free end of the belt that we have put in the High-lift jack, thus creating a single secure connection of our High-lift with our fixed point.

e) We place a belt at the towing point or at any other fixed and solid point of our vehicle (chassis) and secure it.

g) Tie and secure the free end of the strap to the Hi-Lift hook.

h) We make slow sorting choices of our jack until we release our vehicle.

i) If our jack ends (fully assembled) and we have not managed to release our vehicle, we lock it on the spot and repeat the process.