Cross - Wheel Changing Technique Without Lifting Means

30 April, 2022
30 April, 2022

Wheel-wheel change in the car due to a flat-tire. A situation that can prove difficult and demanding depending on the prevailing conditions (eg night, cold, rain, etc.). Imagine being in the mountains and realizing that you have forgotten the lifting jack or it is damaged and not working. A very difficult situation that with a little luck there is a way to overcome! Just follow the steps below carefully:

a) We find a point that will give height from the side where the tire should be changed. For example, if there is a problem with the rear right tire, we place only the front right wheel on the hill until the rear wheel comes off - "hangs" from the ground.

b) We lower our good wheel (reserve).

c) Loosen the wheel bolts that need replacement (half turn).

d) We raise our vehicle on the hill until the wheel that is to be replaced comes off - hangs.

e) Secure the vehicle by placing wedges (stones) on the wheels that press on the ground.


Do not get under the vehicle during the entire wheel replacement period due to the risk of accidental falling. Serious risk of injury.

g) We tie our good wheel (spare) with a belt (rope) and push it with our foot under the rear differential. Leave the free end of the belt outside the area of the vehicle.

h) Unscrew the wheel bolts and carefully remove it, avoiding strong vibrations.

i) We bring our good wheel (spare) towards us by pulling the belt.

j) Remove the belt from the good wheel (spare).

k) We tie the belt to the wheel that we took out (cracked) and we place it with our foot under the differential.

l) Tighten the bolts slightly, avoiding strong vibrations.

m) We remove, pulling the belt, the cracked wheel that is under our vehicle.

n) We lower the vehicle from the hill.

o) Tighten the wheel bolts normally when it is now normally on the ground.