Maxtrax installation to release the Vehicle

Beginner +
30 June, 2022
30 June, 2022

'Maxtrax' are soles - sandals used to release the vehicle, increasing the traction of the wheels, when they have sunk (eg sand, snow, mud, etc.) and our vehicle is stuck . But how do we place them and how should we drive,in purpose not to destroy them and be able to free ourselves? Just follow the steps below carefully:

a) Place the maxtrax, lengthwise next to the wheels, to mark the area we will need to prepare to place them. We can place the Maxtrax, in front or behind the wheels, depending on the desired direction.

b) Dig and flatten the ground, until we reach the bottom of the tire, so that the maxtrax are placed correctly. The better you prepare the ground the better the Maxtrax will work.

c) With a 'kick', we wedge the maxtrax soles at the bottom of the tire.

Be careful the Maxtrax must not have any angle after the installing.

d) Gently and without outbursts we start the attempt to release the vehicle. We must not spin the wheels, because we will destroy the adhesion of the maxtrax resulting in our attempt failing.

e) We continue the same process until we reach a stable ground.