An excursion to a familiar and beautiful mountain.. Parnonas..!!

Parnonas is a mountain range, since its length exceeds 100 km. The mountain range starts from the plateau of Tegea North and reaches Kavo Malia. To the east its ends reach the Argolic gulf and the Myrtle Sea, while to the west it reaches the valley of Evrotas.

So we started our excursion targeting two unique locations, the village of Tzitzina or Polydroso at 1000 meters altitude, where according to the 2011 census its population was 3 inhabitants and then the second peak of Parnon, Rachi Psari at 1837 meters. A unique Off Road experience with a high degree of difficulty!

Let's take the things from the beginning.

Arriving in Tzidzina, we stopped at the small traditional cafe of the village and talked, as always, with the locals... The village is almost empty in the winter, while in the summer the inhabitants reach up to 400. We also learned about the feud that led to the desolation and abandonment of the village, which broke out between two ruling families. The feud lasted several years and caused the village to be divided in two. A series of violent incidents that drove many residents into the wilderness.

Tzigina is embraced by firs and pines and is in the heart of Parnon. The current inhabitants of the village are estimated at around 50 people.

Having with us the stories and the hospitality of the locals, we started the climb to Rachi Psari.. One of the most beautiful Off Road experiences we have experienced so far! After crossing the green Megali Lakka full of forests of black pine, Kephallinian fir, apple cedars, oaks, plane chestnuts and carob trees, "playing" as is natural, in the "gutters", we started to climb towards the top.

A trip of a lifetime experience!

Alpine landscape with hard, rocky terrain with slopes and literally right on top of the ridges. The locals call this specific location "Germanic", as there was their observatory to control the entire area during their occupation. The route had been opened by them with tanks.

The view, simply unique..!!

Arcadia, Argolida Laconia, as well as part of Messinia spread before us..!!

This route is only recommended for crews with experience and a support vehicle. In winter with snow, the crossing becomes impossible and extremely dangerous.

Advance + / Extreme difficulty level

With the unique images and full of emotions, we recommend this particular route unreservedly, but clearly to anyone who is able to cope with the difficulty of the route.

We have it in our activities under conditions.