A wonderful excursion that really surprised us at Lake Plastira, located in the Prefecture of Karditsa.

It is an artificial lake at an altitude of 750 meters and its official name is Lake Tauropos. Scenery in the fog taken from a movie..!!

It was formed in 1959 with the completion of the dam at its southern end, at the beginning of the river Tauropos or Megdova. The idea for its construction was attributed to the military and politician, Nikolaos Plastiras. The visit to the dam is simply mandatory with the picturesque shops for souvenirs and gifts, giving another color to the visitors' attitude.

A place full of beauty, nature and wonderful routes, sometimes next to the lake (paralimnio) and sometimes in the heart of the forest..

The paths of the lake are the place for the ultimate "game" with safety, with a fairytale background that will "take off" your photos.

So we started our excursion from Moucha at an altitude of 840 meters, a small settlement built in an area overgrown with firs, beeches, chestnuts, with an incredible view of the lake. On the first day, we crossed Kastania, Ag Athanasios, Katafygi, Ambeliko, Ag Georgios, Tsardaki, Morphobouni, Messinikola, and Lampero.

On the second day, our excursion started from the magical forest, the twilight zone, between Neraida, which is located at an altitude of 1300 meters, and the Karamanoli mountain refuge in the Agrafon Mountains. At an altitude of approximately 1600 meters, on the Eastern slopes of the South Pindos mountain range, near the peak Voutsikaki 2152 meters, with the footprints of the bear next to us accompanying us.

A route full of adrenaline. The paradise of mud and fun! A path that creates friendships and bonds but needs attention and the "wisdom" of the more experienced..

On our excursion to Plastira lake we met hospitable people with love for their unique place who did everything to please us. It is truly a place worth visiting for all Off Roaders!!! An Off Road paradise with incredible terrains that the more you get to know them, the more you love them.

Routes that, at the very least, require Mud tires, a worker and experience!!

Route options from Basic + to Extreme

Routes without a support vehicle and without even basic equipment are not recommended.

Plastira Lake

Type of lake: Artificial Lake

Date of Manufacture: 30/10/1960

Maximum Length 12 kilometers

Maximum Width: 4 kilometers

Area: 24 square kilometers

Maximum Depth: 60 meters

Water Volume: 400,000,000 cubic meters

Surface Height: 750 meters