A beautiful excursion to the mountain of Helikon in Boeotia with an altitude of 1748m, in locations that all our Off Road friends deserve to visit.

Helikon, known from Greek mythology, was the abode of the nine muses. In ancient times Helikon was the good brother, who was treacherously thrown off the cliff by his greedy brother Kithairon. He himself was carried away by his momentum. So the Gods made them mountains, the Muses living in Helikon and the Erinyes in Kithairon.

The slopes of Helikon are covered with rich vegetation of firs, oaks, beeches, herbs, etc. that reach up to 1500m altitude. Unique locations with terrains for all tastes...!!! Terrains with mud, snow, up to hard, with Basic to Extreme routes that fully compensate you with the unique view it gives you...!!! Places like "Fouskes", according to the locals for endless play, the Forest of the Muses, which gives you the feeling that the Muses are waiting for you among the fir trees as well as the climb to Paliovouna, at 1748m with the unforgettable view to Parnassos and all almost the Gulf of Corinth as well as the beautiful and welcoming villages, Kyriaki, Steiri and the martyred isthmus where on 10/6/1944 in the Second World War, one of the most heinous massacres of civilians took place, by the German occupying forces. Villages that still maintain unchanged all the authenticity and history of the area. An unforgettable experience was our visit to the Holy Monastery of Saint Loukas, which you find on the western slope of Mount Helikon, below the acropolis of Ancient Steiris and is one of the most important monuments of Middle Byzantine and architectural art. It is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Our excursion reached the shores of Helikon, in the village of Antikyra, where it has been inhabited since the early historical period. A place with a rich history where according to tradition the city was founded by the hero Antikyreus, who cured Hercules of his rage, using the Hellebore plant, a medicinal herb.

Places that deserve to be visited by travelers, with hospitable people who have a real love for their place. Places we strongly recommend...!!!