Lake Zirou-Kokkinopilos-Rizovouni-Vrytzaha-Souli-Zaloggo

We started our expedition targeting the Historical Vrytzaha, where in 1800 one of the most heroic battles was fought, led by F. Tzavela and 300 Souliotes, against the numerous troops of Ali Pasha, managing to win.

We chose to plan a mixed route with a historical and cultural character.

Starting from Lake Zirou, which according to geologists is a prehistoric cave lake, where its roof collapsed 10,000 years ago, we continued to the North side of the lake, to Kokkinopilos. Site with prehistoric finds and ideal for Off Road (Basic route with options for play). It is an area with soft Terrain and sinkholes ideal for Extreme Off Road, in an alternating landscape (Terra Rossa) with hills and small ravines. We headed to the ancient Baths in Rizovouni, the ancient Acropolis you find on the Kastri hill with year of foundation in the 7th century BC. What followed was a very powerful and beautiful Off Road experience. Brass. We started our ascent and recording from the green Livadi plateau at 1,100m, traversing through the fir trees, and the Mediterranean vegetation, we met the fountain of Vrytzaha at 1,300m admiring the wild, free horses of the Pindos tribe. The degree of difficulty from the tap and then you increase spectacularly (Advance +/Extreme). Hard Terrain with very narrow passages and rolling cobbles with calls, requiring a lot of care and experience, with no fixed points for worker use (Alpine Landscape). The route is only recommended for experienced crews, with a support vehicle. A few meters before the top, unfortunately we encountered a large landslide that made access to the top impossible. The turnaround at this point is literally at the point, with a wheel on the cliff, a fact that did not upset us because we collected one of the best quality teas and admired the unique view that the point offers, towards Pindos and the coasts of Preveza, Thesprotia and Corfu . A view that completely compensates you!

Leaving behind the unique experience of Vrytzaha, we arrived at Historical Souli, at the house of Xavela, talking with the hospitable inhabitants of the area. We visited Kougi, where the tragic epilogue of the heroic resistance of the inhabitants of Souli was written in 1803. We passed the area of wells, where the total number reached 400 wells in the wider area. Talking to the locals, they expressed their need to save all the historical monuments of culture and games, all contributing to the tourism development of the place. Personal commitment to help as much as we can.

Next stop, the monument of Zalongos at 786m, where in 1803, 300 Souliotisses with their children, dancing and letting out a piercing scream, fell over the cliff to avoid falling into the hands of the Turks. "Freedom or Death". With a sense of Awe and Freedom, we completed our excursion, recommending it unreservedly. A route full of Greece, History, Heroism and Freedom!