We started our excursion through the town of Nafpaktos and after our visit to its historic Venetian port, we started to climb Mount Rigani. driving up to 1485m altitude, on a Basic route, which in some places needs attention, we reached the small church of Prophet Ilias.

The view is unique..!!!

Towards the Gulf of Patras, the Rio - Antirrio bridge but also towards the islands of Zakynthos and Kefallonia. Further north, the lake of Trichonida, Agrinio, Thermo and several Kravitochoria, as well as a section of the Evinos river that reaches the foot of the mountain. In the background the Western Roumelio mountains and the Epirotian ridges. To the east, the Gulf of Corinth and Aegialia, Corinthia and the Gerania Mountains as well as the mountains of Dorida, Giona and Parnassos.

A route that we wholeheartedly recommend to all Off Riad friends and beyond!!!

The little church celebrates every July 20.